“When I sent Bryna Kranzler my unedited manuscript for Dining and Driving With Cats – Alice Unplugged,  I was a storyteller. When together we completed this personal story of a life and journey with a “girl who loved cats,” I was an author. What does an Editor do, I wondered at first? Now I know. Bryna Kranzler identifies your theme, finds your message and the hidden feelings, and suggests ways to transform the words into a picture – a motion picture – for the reader. She will not write the words for you but she will be the critic, the fan, the coach, the knowledgeable professional who gives specific and detailed guidance so you can transform your words into music for the eye. Thank you, Bryna, for understanding where I was trying to go and showing me how to get there.” – Pat Patterson,

“It is with great enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend Bryna Kranzler for copyediting, proofreading, and editing services.

“I hired Bryna to work with me on improving my first book about investing and estate planning – at least that was her official capacity.

 “In reality, Bryna has played a much larger role, offering suggestions about everything from rewriting, typography,  and business strategy. Having practiced law in many firms, I can confidently say Bryna possess a unique ability to grasp the complexity of legal issues and dense information.
“I have met and worked with many gifted and talented people. I would rank Bryna amongst the very best.

“On a personal level, Bryna is a delight. She demonstrates a level of humility far too lacking these days, combined with a work ethic second to none. She performs brilliantly and created a high quality work product that is instrumental in helping my clients.

“I strongly urge anyone who needs her services to hire her or contact me for a reference.” — David E. Rosen, Esq.

“I would highly recommend Bryna Kranzler for any editing project you have. Her communication while editing my novel was stellar. Along with the regular line editing, Bryna gave me a very helpful summary of issues on a chapter by chapter basis that she found with plot and arch of the story. All and all, I felt like I got much more input than I paid for. ” – Amy Ohlson

“Bryna copy edited my first novel, and helped with improvements in maintaining the theme and bringing along the characters. She is very personable and friendly, good to work with.” – David T. Dana

“Ms. Kranzler has proven herself an excellent developmental editor. Her work and comments on my last book were insightful, on-target and creative. She was very supportive of my project and easy to work with, but didn’t hesitate to crack her editorial whip which made me work harder, resulting in a much better work. I would not hesitate to use her services again.” – Delin Colon

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Ms. Bryna Kranzler both as a friend and colleague over the past ten years. She is a wonderful writer with a keen eye for editing. I have enjoyed and utilized many of her editorial comments. She has played a significant role in the creation of my novel, Sky of Red Poppies – both as a critique and a supportive friend. I would highly recommend her as a freelance editor.”- Zohreh Ghahremani

“Bryna served as my editor for Cook the Part: Delicious, Interactive and Fun Team Cooking. She was incredibly thorough and diligent in identifying errors, but she also provided great recommendations for improving text and language usage. She was the absolute best of five different editors used on this project. I have just recommended her to serve as editor on a new book project in a completely different book category.” –Karin Eastham

“Very satisfied, looking forward to continue working with Bryna on book editing projects.” – Kristin Schleman

“Outstanding job!” – kdheupel

Additional Recommendations Available Upon Request