5 Secrets You Need to Know Before Designing Your Ebook Cover

This article omits one key step: make sure that you’re cover is readable in thumbnail, which is how online buyers will set it.



5 Secrets You Need to Know Before Designing Your Ebook Cover

Written by Madison Kennerley

Putting together an ebook cover is a crucial part of marketing your book, but many people think of it only at the last minute. It’s something you need to be very careful about, because it forms the first impression that potential readers will have before choosing to download the book. Here are some secrets that you should know before you even start designing.

People can tell when you’re faking it

If you are going to use an online service to put together a cheap book cover, without actually knowing how to do it, you are going to end up with something that doesn’t look too great. That’s a fact, even if you happen to be some kind of design prodigy. The thing is, readers can tell when a design has been cheaply knocked together in 5 minutes. That won’t help them to trust you as an expert on your subject.

Good design is worth it

When it comes to getting a design together, you’re better off going to an expert, every time. Your options, therefore, are these: you either go and look for a graphic designer who specialises in book covers with a job listing, or you become an expert yourself. Whether you spend money to get it done, or spend time to learn it, it will always be worthwhile. A good cover makes a huge difference.

Design the cover, then the book

It sounds like the wrong way round: most people write the book, then design a cover around it. But that’s the way fiction writers do it, and it makes sense for them. They might change their story halfway through. When you’re writing non-fiction, however, you already know the story. Design a cover that sums up what you want to talk about and will also grab attention. Now write the book so that it will fit the cover. This will result in a book which is more coherent to your original goals, and also gains better reviews because it fits the cover so well.

People sell

When you look at a book display in a shop, which ones catch your eyes? The ones you look at first, and for longest, are usually those which have human faces on. We tend to react favourably to other humans, and if the face has eyes looking right out at you, it grabs the attention even faster. Try to find a way to incorporate a face into your design, no matter what your book is about. If it’s about science, have a scientist on the cover. If it’s about true crime, put on a picture of the perpetrator – or the victim. Whatever works best, try and get it on there to grab the most eyes when people are browsing through online books.

Make it printable

The last thing to think about is whether your cover would work for a physical book as well as a digital one. Even if you are only releasing it as an ebook now, this might not be the case in the future. Many online services are now making it easy to sell your book in a physical form, and you might decide to use this option later on. Don’t force yourself to design the cover twice by ignoring this application in the first place.

These secrets will help you to design a book cover which is bold, catches the eye, and sells your book – as well as gaining you fans and good reviews. Follow them, and you are sure to see success!




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